A Little Faith
Words and Music by Victor Manning, Arranged by BlissNinnies
Copyright 2000 RawToast Music All Rights Reserved

I can't believe what I watched the other day.
I watched a dream turn into a memory
I always figured it would sometime fade away.
I just never realized what it meant to me.
Remember not so long ago, we stood together
Surrounded by a common enemy.
We shared that moment in the face of stormy weather
when once we knew ourselves as family

Sweat and blood alone won't realize a vision.
You gotta have just a little faith.
And talk alone is not enough to make decisions.
You've got to live up to what you say.
Its not a question of consensus, or agreement,
Whether or not we make mistakes.
Sometimes Love can lead you to change what you believe in
Without a choice for you to make.
        Its not a choice you can make.

Just takes a moment to get my thoughts together
Though there's so much left to say
But everything is changing, and sometimes its for the better,
Even when it doesn't go your way
Down the road, if we ever meet each other,
I hope we still might share the memories
Maybe then we'll see ourselves as more like one another
And maybe we won't take it all so seriously.