By And By
Words and Music by Nick Chargin, Arranged by BlissNinnies
Copyright 2000 BlissNinnies Music All Rights Reserved

So I see the way it's gonna be
You run around and make a fool out of me
And I was blind to think you'd be back in a blink
But now I see I've gotta get on with it !
By and by I'll remeber how to fly
At times it's hard - don't really want to try
But I can't wait around hoping to be found
'Cause I'm the only one who can find myself

By and by
you try to get on with it -
forgetting the future for the sake of the past
By and by
you try to remember that
you've gotta release it if you're going to last

I'll plot revenge - I'll stay up planning it all night
But in the end I know it just ain't right
And I suppose I would turn the clock back if I could
But I know I've gotta get on with it
So I'll treat each day as though it were my last
Living off the karmic debit of my past
Meditating with my friends and the mantra never ends...

I see you're doing fine, I'm doing better too
You don't need me and I know I don't need you
I'm hoping that one day we'll get along some way
I hope we can learn to get on with it
As for me, there's no hard feelings my old friend
My life began at the beginning of our end
And how can I regret . . .
the things I didn't get ?
I wouldn't want 'em, ...
If I had to take you too !