Jesu Swept
Words and Music by Victor Manning, Arranged by BlissNinnies
Copyright 2000 BlissNinnies Music All Rights Reserved

Jesu turned off his light.
Simply falling backwards he makes his way to another day.
Finding refuge at night.

No longer lost in the storm,
Once more he is dead and reborn.

Waking up for the dawn.
Slowly rising upwards he makes his way to another day
Finds his rake on the lawn.
Slowly sweeping backwards he finds his way inside a day dream

But no matter how hard he tries, can't believe in the lies
Put himself on the line
So he sweeps in silence

Jesu turns in the light
Slowly working onwards he winds his way through another day
Wipes his sweat from his brow
And see's his fingers glisten, hands once blistered,
calloused now

Feel a touch of a rose
and in that moment he knows
Finds himself in the flow
Sunflowers bloom where planted and take God for granted, he's > enchanted

Jesu turns on his light
and in his garden gettin' down on *sticks and white spots* on the ground.

He hasn't lost what he's found
Its only turning around.
And turning around, he enters the silence.