Ritual Party
Words and Music by Victor Manning, Arranged by BlissNinnies
Copyright 2000 RawToast Music All Rights Reserved

 Waiting on the beaches
Watching the waves rolling in
Workin' so hard for so long
Waitin' for the show to begin

Well you know I ain't never really been there,
So I can't say as I really know,
But I really can't believe that Nowhere
Is a place that you can really go.

Why don't we have a ritual party
Offer up our hearts and our hands,
And our eyes, so we can see where we're going,
and our feet so we can take our stand.

Bring along all your friends and companions
Bring along someone you don't even know
Bring along all your finest posessions,
Just be prepared to let it all go.

Well we've wandered thru the lands of the lonely,
Lived thru the longest of days.
Seems like Heaven was as far as the nearest star.
And Hell was just emotions away.

Why don't we have a ritual party
This time we don't leave nothing to chance
This time we wear the flowers instead of the thorns.
This time instead of dying, we dance.

Waiting on the beaches,
Looking back on where we've been.
We've been living all these lives just to see thru the lies,
And you're telling me they won't let us in!?

Why don't we have a ritual party
Of a hundred million, maybe more.
Here's a toast to your resurrection,
Cause we'll be knockin it down, and walkin in thru Heaven's door.