Words and Music by Victor Manning, Arranged by BlissNinnies
Copyright 2000 RawToast Music All Rights Reserved

Oh, Dear Sofia
Where have you gone
You spoke your incantations
and then left before the dawn
I wanna come and see you
You never left a sign
Now all your veils are open
and what am I to find ?
The child you left behind
Oh, My Dear Sofia

Oh, Dear Sofia
How could you have known
All that you were seeking
Would never let you go
Suffering in silence
and trapped inside the night
But even now that hope is
is fading into light
So hold on tight
Oh, My Dear Sofia

Oh, Dear Sofia
We ain't got long to wait
Get yourself together
You know we got a date
The night gets rather lonely
Your Spirit sleeps inside
As morning is approaching
I'll be there
I'll be right by your side
Oh, My dear Sofia