Suitcase To Paradise
Words and Music by Victor Manning, Arranged by BlissNinnies
Copyright 2000 BlissNinnies Music All Rights Reserved

We got to talk this over
We got to work it out.
If you get to feeling better... there's no doubt.
You might just live a little longer
Maybe feel a little stronger
and a little less pain

Maybe you're tired, maybe you're jaded
Maybe its time for a change..
But I'll see you again someday

Walking around with that gleam in your eye,
Like you just packed a Suitcase for Paradise
Well you can walk on the water,
and you can slip on the ice. Ohh my...
I've never ever seen you look so surprised
---000000---- Ohhh my my...
I never thought I'd see you look so surprised
Walking around with that gleam in your eyes
Taking the High road to Paradise
But you know, when you get there,

You might be surprised (might be surprised)
yes you might be surprised (might be surprised)
Surprised at what you're gonna find (gonna blow your mind)
Waiting for you all of the time (all of the time)
And sneaking up on you from behind (up from behind)
Ohh my my...

So listen now
Cause you may want to live a little longer
May start to feel a little stronger
Maybe try a little harder
Maybe work a little smarter
Cause you don't have to be nobody's savior
And you don't have to walk on no water
Cause I don't want to see you go under.
Leave us all in pain (leaving us all) Leaving us all....
Ohhh No Not Again