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It is with a heavy heart that BlissNinnies announce the unanticipated passing of our dear friend, brother, and bandmate, Victor Manning. On April 23rd, 2019, Victor passed away suddenly, dramtically, and unexpectedly. In Victor's own words, from his song "Precious Time", "I couldn't say goodbye, 'Cause I wouldn't want to leave you behind..."

Victor's family, friends, and many fans will remember his warm heart, his sensitivity, his kindness, his generosity toward others, and his driving passion for music.

Victor couldn't say goodbye, and his sudden, unexpected departure left us unprepared and reeling at our loss. Victor will be sorely missed, but we may find comfort in his music which brought us joy, peace, healing, and fun.

Victor was a musician's musician. He brought his professionalism, dedication, and sense of quality to every musical endeavor in which he participated. Victor is gone but he has left us a rich sampling of his musical talent. A few samples of his work can be found at this link:



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