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Show 333: 14 Nov 03 – Grampa's Chili 10th Anniversary Show, Brookdale Lodge, Brookdale, CA.

Set 1: Ride*, The Race Is On (G. Jones), Turning Point (L. Graham), In The End*, Ritual Party* >
......... Mystery Train (E. Presley), Landslide*,
Scarlet Begonias (Grateful Dead) > Also Sprach Zarathustra (R. Strauss)
......... > The Hat Song* E: Blue Sky (The Allman Brothers) > Baby - You're A Rich Man (The Beatles)

Show 332: 01 Oct 00 – 10th Anniversary Show Legends Lounge, Las Vegas, NV.

Set 1: Call It Love* > Sissy Strut (The Meters) > Dear Prudence (The Beatles) ,
Whupagieu*, One After 909 (The Beatles), Ride*, Invitation*, Rocket In My Pocket (Little Feat),
......... Turning Point (L. Graham), Julian Street (Old Dead Bug), Purple Light*,
......... Chinacat Sunflower (Grateful Dead) > Mama Tried (M. Haggard)

Set 2 : Ritual Party*, Prelude* > Move*, Jesu Swept*, Clifford*, Sunny Willow Oaks*, The Walk*,
The Hat Song*, Deal (Grateful Dead) E:Your Song*

1st 3 songs were Simulcast on www.dcn.com and are not available at the archives.org site

Show 331: 04 Sep 00 – Tapestry in Talent Arts and Music Festival, San Jose, CA.

Set 1: Whupagieu*, Too Tall To Mambo (The High Tailers), Sacred Space*,
.......... Cumberland Blues (Grateful Dead), Ride*, Ritual Party*, Sparkle*, Turning Point (L. Graham),
.......... Purple Light*
, Invitation*, Fat Man In The Bathtub (Little Feat), Hard To Handle (O. Redding)
....... E:San Berdino

Show 329: 19 Aug 00 – Brookdale Lodge, Brookdale, CA.

Set 1: Terrapin Station (Grateful Dead)> Prelude Jam* > Move*, Too Tall To Mambo (The High Tailers),
.......... Call It Love* > Alligator (Grateful Dead) > Jam* > In The End*, Suitcase To Paradise*

Set 2:.Clifford*, Sunny Willow Oaks*, The Walk*, The Hat Song*, Sparkle*, One After 909 (The Beatles),
...........Purple Light*
, Chinacat Sunflower (Grateful Dead) > I Know You Rider (Traditional)

Set 3: Whipping Post (The Allman Brothers) > The Eleven (Grateful Dead) > Whipping Post Reprize,
.......... Limb By Limb (Phish), Sugaree (Phish), Ritual Party*, E:Whupagieu*

Show 319: 09 Jun 00 – New George’s Saloon, San Rafael, CA.

Set 1: Purple Light*, Ophelia (The Band), Turning Point (L. Graham), Prelude* > Move*,
.......... Call It Love*
> Sissy Strut (The Meters), Too Tall To Mambo (The High Tailers),
.......... The Hat Song*
, T-Shirt Contest > Cumberland Blues (Grateful Dead) E:Whupagieu*

Show 307: 28 Aug 99 – Cascade Music Festival, Los Plumas National Forest, CA.

Set 1: Call It Love* > Sissy Strut (The Meters), Ride*, Invitation*, The Hat Song*, Sparkle*,
.......... Ritual Party*
, The Block*, Turning Point (L. Graham), In The End* E:Badge (Cream)

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